Friday, December 2, 2016

Any message that comes from
the word of God is a BIG message,
because it is truth and it comes
from a BIG GOD.

by K. Michael
Don't let your flesh,
get the best of you.
Walk in the spirit.  
Remain in the righteousness,
of God in Christ Jesus.   

by K. Michael
Better to follow the instructions,
of the Father; than to be deceived.
I Kings 13:18

by K. Michael
Love speaks truth;
It doesn't tell lies.   
God is love, and all His words are true.  
Believe on His Son Jesus and be saved!

by K. Michael
Instead of complaining
about your household chores.  
Humble yourself and let the 
grace of God help you.

by K. Michael
You will do more than you 
believe you can if you will humble yourself, and let the grace of God help you.

by K. Michael
You were saved by grace 
to walk in truth.  
Walk in truth today.
Turn your back to lies.

by K. Michael