Friday, December 2, 2016

Any message that comes from
the word of God is a BIG message,
because it is truth and it comes
from a BIG GOD.

by K. Michael
Don't let your flesh,
get the best of you.
Walk in the spirit.  
Remain in the righteousness,
of God in Christ Jesus.   

by K. Michael
Better to follow the instructions,
of the Father; than to be deceived.
I Kings 13:18

by K. Michael
Love speaks truth;
It doesn't tell lies.   
God is love, and all His words are true.  
Believe on His Son Jesus and be saved!

by K. Michael
Instead of complaining
about your household chores.  
Humble yourself and let the 
grace of God help you.

by K. Michael
You will do more than you 
believe you can if you will humble yourself, and let the grace of God help you.

by K. Michael
You were saved by grace 
to walk in truth.  
Walk in truth today.
Turn your back to lies.

by K. Michael

Friday, November 11, 2016

To walk in the fear of the Lord
is to give God your best.

Genesis 4

by K. Michael
Grace saves you and equips you
for Christian success.  Give your 
life to the Lord Jesus and let His
grace help you.  

by K. Michael
Change the evil thoughts in your heart.
Change your words, 
Change your acts, 
Change your life!

Mark 7:15

by K. Michael

You were made to be God's praise.
You were not made to be a vagabond
in the earth.  Come back to the Father.
Stop being a wanderer in the earth.

by K. Michael

Genesis 4
Hear the voice of wisdom today.  
Let her direct you.  
Do whatever she says.  

by K. Michael
The path of light leads to your purpose: but the way of darkness blinds you.  Choose the way of light today.  

by K. Michael

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Praise is the medicine you need,
for a heart of sorrow. 
Don't forget to get your, 
daily servings to be healed.

K. Michael  
There is no grace in the grave
so be wise and change before you die.

by K. Michael   
Be the first to say, 
"I will not repay evil with evil,"
Stop the violence. 
Turn to Jesus and let him fight 
your battles.  

2 Sam 4:8

by K. Michael 
Deceit and wickedness in the heart,
of man leads him to destruction.  
Forsake wickedness and live.   

2 Sam. 3:27

by K. Michael
We must obey the gospel 
of our Lord Jesus Christ,
or else we will be numbered,
among those on whom God takes 

2 Thess. 1:8

by K. Michael
We must have patience and faith,
during times of persecutions and tribulations;
for this is to have understanding.  

2 Thess. 1:6

by K. Michael

Thursday, September 29, 2016

When we praise God, 
God favors us and rejoices over us.  
Praise God with your life today and 
let Him rejoice over you!

by K. Michael
A life of dishonesty will not get you to eternity (Heaven).
So, be honest and change the course of your destiny.

K. Michael
We do not know the way God takes, 
but He knows the way we take,
and is always standing right beside us,
even in times of difficulties.  

by K. Michael
Be conformed to Christ, 
and not the world. Live a life
that gives praise to His name.

by K. Michael
Walk worthy of the Lord,
who has called you to His kingdom, 
and to glory.  

by K. Michael

I Thess. 1:12

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Jesus that is the Christ,
is the real Jesus from Heaven.
Believe in Him and be baptized!

by K. Michael
Living by every word of God,
is to truly live for God.

by K. Michael
Love that doesn't rebuke is not
love at all; Walk in the love of God
and don't be afraid to rebuke!

by K. Michael
Fear has been around 
for a long long time,
and will remain for a long 
long time; So don't be afraid,
because Jesus, the Lion of the tribe of Judah
is with you.

by K. Michael

To live in doubt is to say that "God cannot."
Stop living in doubt and live in faith.

by K. Michael

Monday, August 29, 2016

Grace gives us everything we need;
to do everything that pleases God.
Have the grace of God in your heart
today and please Him.  

by K. Michael
Never minister to please men.
Always minister to please God.
Men-pleasers will have their part
in the Lake of Fire.

K. Michael
Reading the word of God 
is necessary for growth;
Therefore read the word of God;
and grow, grow, grow.

by K. Michael
Remember, when facing contradictions;
that the battle is the Lord's 
and not yours; and cheer up;
because Jesus has conquered the world.

by K. Michael

Friday, August 5, 2016

When trouble comes
bite your tongue.  
Don't blame God foolishly,
nor judge others foolishly.
Job 1:22

By K. Michael
Those who love the truth
will come to the truth, 
and walk in the truth.
Come to the truth.

by K. Michael
Strength is the ability to say "no" to wrong,
When everybody is saying "yes."
I Sam. 14:24

By K. Michael

Friday, July 22, 2016

When you are lifted up people will know it!
because the stone will be rolled away
and the tomb will be empty.
God is getting ready to lift you up today,
begin to give Him praise.   

by K. Michael
All the excuses in the world
cannot change the fact that 
you have done wrong. 
Accept your mistakes and don't 
be a Saul.   

by K. Michael  
There is life in the voice
of the Son of God.
Hear His voice and live!  
John 5:25

by K. Michael

Friday, July 8, 2016

Fullness of joy comes through
keeping the Lord's commandments.  
Get the fullness of joy the Lord has
for you today!
John 15:11

K. Michael

Be a friend to the Lord Jesus. 
Do all that He tells you to do.  
John 15:14

by K. Michael
It gives the Father no greater joy,
than to see that sneaky weasel (the devil),
run away each time we pray and obey.

by K. Michael

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sing, your are going to make it to Heaven!
By your faith,
Your obedience,
The help of Jesus,
and the prayers of others.
Sing, you are going to make it to Heaven!

by K. Michael

Friday, June 17, 2016

Pray for your sisters in bondage,
that they may be healed.  The 
effectual fervent prayer of the righteous,
achieves a lot.   

by K. Michael
People who fear the Lord,
are God-conscious in everything
they do.

by K. Michael
Grace is given for obedience to the faith.

Romans 1:5

by K. Michael

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Lord does not take pleasure in the daughter,
who hopes in His mercy ONLY; 
but He delights in the daughter who both fears Him and hopes in His mercy.

Psalm 147:10

K. Michael
The foundation of good works is righteousness,
and when unrighteousness is the foundation of a good work.  Then a good work is no longer a good work. 

by  K. Michael
As a cow produces milk;
So, faith produces hope.

Hebrew 11:1

by K. Michael

Friday, May 20, 2016

Scorners walk in proud wrath.
Scorners are contentious.
They create reproach and strife and are used to make the simple wise. Don't be a scorner.  Don't be used by God to make the simple wise. 

K. Michael
Fools teach their children,
to mock and become corrupt'.
Mothers teach their children,
to be God's praise!

by K. Michael

We don't keep God's commandments 
to earn His love.  We keep God's 
commandments, to show our love.

John 14:15

by K. Michael

Friday, May 13, 2016

Those who confess their sins
are wiser than those who 
hide them.

by K. Michael
When you are graded "A"  or "Gold"
by a teacher, it is not always, because 
you got 100% a long the way,
but it is because you met the level of expectation.

by K. Michael
God leads us by His righteousness,
He keeps us by His power, 
And saves us by His grace and truth.

by K. Michael

Friday, May 6, 2016

You are the righteousness of God,
 in Christ Jesus, only when you
 remember what manner of Woman
 you ought to be, and be it! 
James 1:24

by K. Michael
A Humbled Woman believes
every word of God.   

by K. Michael
Your inheritance in Heaven,
is greater than any inheritance,
you will ever receive on earth.

by K. Michael

Friday, April 29, 2016

If God gives you much money, 
go ahead and praise His name, 
If He gives you little money, 
praise Him all the same!

by K. Michael
Remembering the commandments, 
of the Lord, shows forth righteousness.

by K. Michael
The wealth of wisdom (from above),
will take you to Heaven not the wealth
of this world.   

by K. Michael

Monday, April 4, 2016

Keep reminding yourself,  
"The LORD is your STRENGTH"
and don't ever, ever give up!

Proverbs 15:13

by K. Michael