Thursday, August 23, 2018

You go through the bad times of life by remembering the good things of God. 

by K. Michael

Don't fight the battles you won't win.
Fight your battles without sin and that God is in.

by K. Michael
The battle that is won on the inside
will be won on the outside.   

by K. Michael
Jesus is the great name
you call upon for your 
troubles and struggles.  
Call upon His name today!

by K. Michael

Friday, April 20, 2018

Even if your neighbors' walls were broken down or the doors were wide open; and nobody was watching:
Love still does not loot its neighbors' property.   

by K. Michael
Those who are carnally-minded
will not inherit eternal life; but 
those who are spiritually-minded.

Those who obey the flesh will not
inherit eternal life; only those who
obey God.   

Romans 8
The world lusts to corruption;
the children of God do God's will 
to eternal life.  

I Peter 4:2

by K. Michael
Better to suffer for well-doing;
than to suffer for evil doing.

I Peter 3:17

by K. Michael

Monday, March 5, 2018

Love does not loot its neighbors'

by K. Michael
The word of God leads us to the perfect (upright ) life God has called us to.

3 Tim 3:17
Don't do wrong and then use the 
scripture deceitfully to support it.

by K. Michael
You are blessed not because of what you have; but because of the the Christ in you.

by K. Michael