Friday, March 29, 2019

You will have no trouble,
understanding the Father and the Son,
if you will only remember; that the two of them are One.  

by K. Michael  
The magic of man has limitations;
but the power of God has no 
limitations at all. 

Daniel 2:11

by K. Michael
Christ is not coming for a divided bride,
So let the Church get ready.  Let us live in harmony. 

by K. Michael
Get the joy of the Lord,
Get strength.
Get the joy of the Lord,
get good health.  

by K. Michael
When a woman is born again
her heart is changed, and she 
serves the law of God with her mind.  

by K. Michael
When I remember that Jesus loves me,
Oh what joy fills my heart and soul.

by K. Michael
Doing well is something that we learn;
Not something that we earn.

Isaiah 1:17

by K. Michael
The unbelief of others
will not stop you from
receiving your miracle today.
Therefore receive it now, 
in the name of Jesus, my sister I pray.  

by K. Michael
God will meet your needs 
in a mysterious way today.  
Do not worry.  Be ye happy.  

by K. Michael