Friday, May 20, 2016

Scorners walk in proud wrath.
Scorners are contentious.
They create reproach and strife and are used to make the simple wise. Don't be a scorner.  Don't be used by God to make the simple wise. 

K. Michael
Fools teach their children,
to mock and become corrupt'.
Mothers teach their children,
to be God's praise!

by K. Michael

We don't keep God's commandments 
to earn His love.  We keep God's 
commandments, to show our love.

John 14:15

by K. Michael

Friday, May 13, 2016

Those who confess their sins
are wiser than those who 
hide them.

by K. Michael
When you are graded "A"  or "Gold"
by a teacher, it is not always, because 
you got 100% a long the way,
but it is because you met the level of expectation.

by K. Michael
God leads us by His righteousness,
He keeps us by His power, 
And saves us by His grace and truth.

by K. Michael

Friday, May 6, 2016

You are the righteousness of God,
 in Christ Jesus, only when you
 remember what manner of Woman
 you ought to be, and be it! 
James 1:24

by K. Michael
A Humbled Woman believes
every word of God.   

by K. Michael
Your inheritance in Heaven,
is greater than any inheritance,
you will ever receive on earth.

by K. Michael