Friday, May 31, 2019

Bless the Lord God of Israel!  The Lord who knew you before you were formed.

Jer 1:5

by K. Michael
God does not think like ordinary men.  He is always waiting to receive his estranged wife back again.  He will receive you back again.  Come back to Jesus.   

Jeremiah 3:1
God is the judge of the fatherless and the poor.  He will be the judge for you in whatsoever you are going through.

Psalm 10
If you do not hold on, you will never know what God is about to do next.  Nobody wants to be a sacrifice; but everyone wants to be a queen.  

Mark 10

by K. Michael
The ability to do something better;
or have a better way of doing it, does not give you the right to own what belongs to others.  

by K. Michael

God was saying it in the days of Jeremiah the prophet and God is still saying it today, "Obey my voice."

Jer. 11:7

by K. Michael
Getting things is good;
But getting Jesus is better;
Please remember that in all your getting
in this world, you get Jesus and keep Him.

by K. Michael
Always remember,
each time the devil brings
an evil thought into your heart,
that he is coming to kill, steal, 
or destroy what God has for you.

by K. Michael
Do not fight God's prophets with your tongue.  Repent and fear the Lord.

by K. Michael 

Jer. 22:19

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Bless the name of the Lord and rejoice God's people because Jesus is coming soon!

by K. Michael
Bringing forth many fruits is a benefit of abiding in Christ.  Therefore, abide in Christ.  Bring forth many fruits.  

John 15:5
Words can purify and make you clean
or words can defile and corrupt.  Therefore, choose them carefully. You will eat the fruits thereof.  

John 15:3

by K. Michael
Circumcision of the flesh does not save a soul; but circumcision of the heart through faith in Jesus, the Christ, that saves a soul.

Acts 15

by K. Michael
Bless! each time you remember the bad things that people have done to you.
For this is right in the eyes of the Lord.

by K. Michael
Where there is no vision
there is no law.
And where there is no vision
the people perish.

Proverbs 29

by K. Michael
When faith grows exceedingly,
so does charity towards others.
Therefore, grow in faith. 
Grow in charity towards others.  

2 Thess. 1:3
Every true child of God
should live her life looking
forward to the return of Christ
every day.  Therefore, watch and pray always.

by K. Michael
People come 
and people go
but Jesus is a friend
who never ends.
Make Him your friend today.

by K. Michael