Monday, December 30, 2019

The Lord is asking you to come before Him with joy and gladness this season.  Forget about your trouble and worship the King of kings who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond all you can ask or think.  

K. Michael
The enemy that is planning to turn your joy into sorrow will find themselves in deep waters soon.   

K. Michael
When you begin to reign, do not forget to take care of the Adonijas of your throne.  

K. Michael
Do not wait until you get to hell to cry out to Jesus.  Cry out to Jesus now, repent, and be baptized in His name.  

K. Michael
There is no entertainment in hell, only tormentation; Therefore repent, turn to Jesus Christ, be baptized, and walk in His ways.  

K. Michael
Every disguised enemy in your life, will be put to shame in 2020.   

K. Michael
A snake hiding under the rock near you will be exposed by the light of God soon.

K. Michael
True friends are revealed when God begins to bless you.  Pay attention and you will know them by their fruits.   

K. Michael


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Father, please help me to show appreciation for what you have done in my life by faithfully serving you.  
Judges 10

K. Michael
Better to walk uprightly before the Lord than to make confessions every day. 
Proverbs 21:3 
Peace is the portion of the perfect.  Be upright in heart.  Be blessed with the peace of God. 
Psalm 37:37

K. Michael
Physical strength without the wisdom of God is like having food in your house and not being able to cook it.  
Judges 16

K. Michael
Do not let your love for anyone cause you to disobey and betray your God because disobedience to the Lord leads to destruction.  
Judge 16

K. Michael
Do not wait until you faint before you humble yourself before the Lord.  Obey His instructions quickly.  

K. Michael
You have a choice to the Lord's work willingly or to do it by force.  Which is it going to be?  

K. Michael
Love everyone.
Be merciful to whom the Lord is merciful.  Have a good heart.

K. Michael   

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Give God your best!
He deserves nothing less!

K. Michael
It doesn't matter how great,
It doesn't matter how tall,
It doesn't matter how many your enemies,
God is able to defeat them all 
and give you total victory!

K. Michael
Remember God's commandments in the midst of persecution and during times of tribulation.  Psalm 119

K. Michael
The enemy that is pursuing your soul will soon be called away by a messenger to bad news.   
I Sam. 23:27

K. Michael
Everybody doing evil 
does not make evil right.

K. Michael
The Holy Spirit is like a mother who guides her children every day and keeps them always walking on the strait and narrow way.

K. Michael
Some people make up sad stories for fame on social media and receive condemnation, but some people truthfully lift up the Lord's holy name and receive His holy praise.

K. Michael
Father, let your name prevail in the earth like a flood and let all liars be silenced.

K. Michael
All the works of the Lord are good.  He rewards the wicked for their wickedness and the upright in heart for their uprightness and none can query Him.

K. Michael

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

When iniquity increases, love diminishes.  
Eliminate iniquity.  Increase Love.   Matt 24:12 

by K. Michael

#iniquity     #love 
The devil is such a corrupter, if you let him, he will turn a vision for winning souls into God's kingdom into a ploy for wealth and notoriety.   

by K. Michael

#devil  #wealth
When conscience is dead, so is love and the fear of the Lord.   Awake conscience.  Awake Love.  Awake Fear of the Lord.   

by K. Michael 

O give praise to the Lord who corrects you, reproves you, rebukes you, and leads you to the light.   

by K. Michael

#light   #Lord 
The love of this world will cause you to depart from the faith.  Stop loving the world. Stop departing from the faith.    2 Tim 4:10

by K. Michael

#love   #world 
Do not be numbered among those who come to Jesus for counsel and do not take the advice.  Listen to Him and be wise.   

by K. Michael

Father, I will praise you while I have breath, 
while I have hope, 
and while I am not in the grave.

by K. Michael

Parents, teach your children not to love money because the love of money leads to stealing, killing, betrayal of God and many many more heinous crimes.   

by K. Michael

Find friends who do not only want you for your goods; but want your good.   

by K. Michael


Thursday, June 27, 2019

Like a tree uprooted and cast away, 
So the Lord will uproot and cast away the wicked from your life.   

by K. Michael
Obey the voice of God from your youth, and then it will be much easier to obey His voice when you are grown. Jer. 22:21

by K. Michael
Go through the little fire God puts you through on earth in order to escape the fire that never dies hereafter. 

by K. Michael
Do not let the faces of people intimidate you.  Speak the word of the Lord because He is there to deliver you.   
Jer 1:8

by K. Michael
All those who remove God's name from their churches will have their names removed from the Lamb's Book of Life.  

by K. Michael
Reject the evil others are doing by not finding pleasure in it.   Jer.1.8

by K. Michael
There is healing for the backslider.  Therefore, return and let God heal you today. 

by K. Michael 
You want to have strong confidence?  Have it in the fear of the Lord.  That's the best confidence to have.  Prov. 14:26

by K. Michael
Rejecting the word of God leads to shame.  Do not be a rejecter of the word of the Lord.  Be an acceptor.    Jer 8:9

by K. Michael

Friday, May 31, 2019

Bless the Lord God of Israel!  The Lord who knew you before you were formed.

Jer 1:5

by K. Michael
God does not think like ordinary men.  He is always waiting to receive his estranged wife back again.  He will receive you back again.  Come back to Jesus.   

Jeremiah 3:1
God is the judge of the fatherless and the poor.  He will be the judge for you in whatsoever you are going through.

Psalm 10
If you do not hold on, you will never know what God is about to do next.  Nobody wants to be a sacrifice; but everyone wants to be a queen.  

Mark 10

by K. Michael
The ability to do something better;
or have a better way of doing it, does not give you the right to own what belongs to others.  

by K. Michael

God was saying it in the days of Jeremiah the prophet and God is still saying it today, "Obey my voice."

Jer. 11:7

by K. Michael
Getting things is good;
But getting Jesus is better;
Please remember that in all your getting
in this world, you get Jesus and keep Him.

by K. Michael
Always remember,
each time the devil brings
an evil thought into your heart,
that he is coming to kill, steal, 
or destroy what God has for you.

by K. Michael
Do not fight God's prophets with your tongue.  Repent and fear the Lord.

by K. Michael 

Jer. 22:19

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Bless the name of the Lord and rejoice God's people because Jesus is coming soon!

by K. Michael
Bringing forth many fruits is a benefit of abiding in Christ.  Therefore, abide in Christ.  Bring forth many fruits.  

John 15:5
Words can purify and make you clean
or words can defile and corrupt.  Therefore, choose them carefully. You will eat the fruits thereof.  

John 15:3

by K. Michael
Circumcision of the flesh does not save a soul; but circumcision of the heart through faith in Jesus, the Christ, that saves a soul.

Acts 15

by K. Michael
Bless! each time you remember the bad things that people have done to you.
For this is right in the eyes of the Lord.

by K. Michael
Where there is no vision
there is no law.
And where there is no vision
the people perish.

Proverbs 29

by K. Michael
When faith grows exceedingly,
so does charity towards others.
Therefore, grow in faith. 
Grow in charity towards others.  

2 Thess. 1:3
Every true child of God
should live her life looking
forward to the return of Christ
every day.  Therefore, watch and pray always.

by K. Michael
People come 
and people go
but Jesus is a friend
who never ends.
Make Him your friend today.

by K. Michael

Friday, March 29, 2019

You will have no trouble,
understanding the Father and the Son,
if you will only remember; that the two of them are One.  

by K. Michael  
The magic of man has limitations;
but the power of God has no 
limitations at all. 

Daniel 2:11

by K. Michael
Christ is not coming for a divided bride,
So let the Church get ready.  Let us live in harmony. 

by K. Michael
Get the joy of the Lord,
Get strength.
Get the joy of the Lord,
get good health.  

by K. Michael
When a woman is born again
her heart is changed, and she 
serves the law of God with her mind.  

by K. Michael
When I remember that Jesus loves me,
Oh what joy fills my heart and soul.

by K. Michael
Doing well is something that we learn;
Not something that we earn.

Isaiah 1:17

by K. Michael
The unbelief of others
will not stop you from
receiving your miracle today.
Therefore receive it now, 
in the name of Jesus, my sister I pray.  

by K. Michael
God will meet your needs 
in a mysterious way today.  
Do not worry.  Be ye happy.  

by K. Michael

Friday, February 22, 2019

I bless you with good mental health,
I bless you with joy,
I bless you with peace of mind,
I bless you with strength in the name of Jesus.

by K. Michael
People who understand and seek God,
do good.

Psalm 14
Trust in the Lord and rejoice in His salvation,
in any situation.

Psalm 13
The things that I command,
that you in secret do, 
Will in due time return: 
rewards I've promised you.

Matthew 6
Greed is heartless,
Greed is evil,
Has no mercy, 
Has no love,
Greed is heartless,
Greed is evil,
Greed is a hungry wolf. 

by K. Michael
Jesus wants to light your lamp
and give you everlasting life.  
Give your life to Him today,
Please don't wait another day.

K. Michael
When an apple tree becomes perfect it brings forth apples.

When an orange tree becomes perfect it brings forth oranges.

When a saint becomes perfect she brings forth fruits of goodness, and righteousness, and truth.

by K. Michael
When you begin to understand;
that there is love in the Truth;
You will not reject it; 
But joyfully accept it.

by K. Michael


No matter the storms,
No matter the trials,
Always remember that Jesus loves you,
And is concerned about all areas
of your life.

by K. Michael

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

You have been crowned with glory and honor, so there is no reason to hang your head down.

Psalm 8

by K. Michael
Great people do God's commandments and teach others to do them as well.

Matthew 5:19

by K. Michael
Strong faith is what keeps us heading to the finish-line in spite of the difficulties.

Romans 4:19

by K. Michael 
Doing everything in your power,
to keep God's children under,
leads to shame.

by K. Michael
Find wisdom,
Find life,
Find favor of the Lord.

Proverbs 8:35

by K. Michael